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Year of Establishment


Business Activities



Total Annual Sales 




Principal Clients






No. of Total Employees


Export Percentage



Social Sense



One day catch





Engaged in the international trade of marine products: Fresh and Frozen Fish, Octopus & cooked salted sea cucumber


US$12 Million - US$20 Million  


Maruha Nichiro Seafood Inc., Japan

Marubeni Corp, Japan

Discefa, Spain

MBProducts, Canada

Emerald Seafood, USA

E&R International Seafood, USA

Sineurope Private Ltd., Singapore


90 - 100 People


91% - 100%


Our company and suppliers have a strict social sense.

We  employ 3000 people of the mayan region empowering them to grow and work together, taking care of the nature.


Every morning our small fleet of 300 boats rises with the sun to catch the freshness of the sea.   





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