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1. You request a  product






2. We search for the most suitable supplier




3. We negotiate the lowest price in the industry 




4. You buy directly form the supplier and we control production quality and ensure timely delivery



From the comfort of your office you can ask for any product, any time. You can contact us via email, phone or any internet media to make any request. You don’t need to wait for the next travel to México. 



Then, we will evaluate which supplier can best meet your needs and in a few day we will send you the information for your evaluation.



Our buying power, expert knowledge of the market, understanding the business culture and native staff allow us to negotiate the lowest price in the industry for your request. 



We are a services company that acts as your Purchasing Department in México. Our objective is to enable you to save money by buying directly from the most reliable Mexican suppliers in a hassle and risk free way. Nothing can be shipped form the factory without our final quality control stamp. We are experienced in negotiating with suppliers to get the shortest delivery times, special packing, products exclusivity, securing agreements and payment terms.


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